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Kim De Becker

Creative Sequencing

Yoga Teacher, Event Specialist, Philantropist & Scuba Diver

Kim is a dynamic yoga teacher, blending her background in contemporary dance with her love for movement to create creative yoga classes that are both fluid and energetic. Her passion for yoga led her to become a certified teacher in vinyasa, yin, and pregnancy yoga, allowing her to share her passion with students of all levels and abilities.

Kim’s classes are known for their flowy, high-vibe energy and no-nonsense approach to yoga. She believes that yoga is for everyone and strives to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all her students. Her classes are designed to challenge and uplift, leaving students feeling empowered and energized. Next to teaching weekly yoga classes, Kim is our yoga retreat manager. She enjoys organizing inspiring retreats in fantastic locations.

In her day-to-day job, Kim brings her expertise in event planning and management to help attract congresses & events Antwerp & Partners Convention Bureau. She is also a board member for the charity Shangrila Home Nepal, committed to give back and supporting vulnerable children.

On vacation, Kim loves scuba diving. She believes that the underwater environment in combination with breathing exercises allows for a unique and meditative experience.

Creative Sequencing
200hr YA
Certificates & awards